Eddie Santoro

"All Israel will be saved!" This simple sentence is a repeated promise in the Bible and it is a necessary promise that must be fulfilled as the day of His return nears.

Today, I want to take a moment to give my support to "Yeshua Chai". This network is a strong and powerful work declaring the life of Yeshua in Hebrew through a variety of video programs. It is a mighty tool in the hands of God and needs the prayer and support of those who love this nation and its people. 

I am asking you as one of the Pastors of the congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem to take a moment and look at this internet TV station ( Please pray that Israelis will watch and that their lives will change!

Together we will see the blessings of God fulfilled in Israel in these days as we work together to bring the word of the Lord to Israel.


With Love in Yeshua,

Pastor Eddie Santoro

Ahavat Yeshua, Jerusalem




Gil Afriat

Yeshua Chai channel is a real breakthrough for evangelism in Israel. Most people today are on the web, and connected through social media communities - just as in Biblical times they were sitting at the “city gates” to connect and hear the news. Yeshua Chai channel acts as the “prophet in the gates”

The prophet, in this case, is local, familiar and speaks the same language as the people, proclaiming the truth of Yeshua Ha Mashiach to Israelis in Hebrew - very important ingredients to reach anyone, especially Israelis, with the saving knowledge of God.

Moti Cohen, Associate Pastor


Gil Afriat, Pastor

Tiferet Yeshua Congregation




Eitan Shishkoff 

I salute the innovative efforts of the YeshuaChai.TV ministry! As we all know, visual media is the primary way information now travels. A dedicated, talented Israeli team is vibrantly conveying the truth of what their name declares “YESHUA is ALIVE - Yeshua Chai!”  

The cultural climate is ripe for the people of Israel to discover the best kept Jewish secret in history:  Yeshua haMashiach, Jesus the Messiah is our promised Redeemer King.

I support this ministry with heartfelt enthusiasm and invite you to do the same. 


With His love,

Eitan Shishkoff - Ohaley Rachamim Pastor





Oded Shoshani channel in a Messianic channel on the Internet created entirely here in the Land of Israel.

I know personally the people who stand behind this project and produce it, and I can recommend them as men of faith who strive to serve our Lord Yeshua with all their heart and do so with integrity.

I'm familiar with the entire process of the establishment of the channel over the years. The process was long and carried out with patience and love, through consulting with professionals in this area and seeking the face of the Lord in prayer.

I warmly recommend on the channel.



Oded Shoshani – Hebrew King of Kings Pastor.










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