Yeshua Chai is a play on words meaning, Yeshua is Alive or Yeshua Live.
The channel is overseen by a board of Five experienced leaders in the Messianic community in Israel.
Our vision is to reach all of the people of Israel, especially the younger generation, with the good news of Yeshua the Messiah.

There are over 6 million Jewish people living in Israel today; 95% of them have never heard the gospel and have never read the New Covenant Scriptures.
Over the years many of us, including myself, have worked hard to bring the good news of Yeshua to our people; but we have still reached only a small percentage of them.

Yeshua Chai TV was established to reach a much higher number of our people through the means of media and social networks and give them an opportunity to learn more about the truth of eternal life in Yeshua.
In Romans 10:14 it is written, "How can they  call on him if they have not believed; and how can they believe if they have not heard; and how can they hear if there is no to preach to them."

Yeshua Chai TV broadcasts the gospel 24/7 through teaching, documentary films, worship videos, personal testimonies, and explanations about our faith.  
In addition to the programs that we are producing, our desire is to give a platform for all the local Messianic believers who are producing evangelistic video material in a high quality, in Hebrew and in a style that is attractive to young Israelis.

Israelis are among the highest in the world today in terms of the number and amount of time spent using social media and internet.
Through working with professional Israeli media and marketing advisors, along with producing quality program content, and promoting the channel through social networks, we believe it is possible to reach a wide number of the Israeli population, particularly among young adults.
We invite you to take part of this great breakthrough that we see happening in the hearts and consciousness of our people concerning faith in Yeshua. We would love to have you join us as partners, both in prayer and in finances.
May God bless you tremendously with your willingness to collaborate with us.

Aviram Eldar - Director of

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